Captain’s Log, Day Thirty-One

June 18, 2022

Catherine Oceano


Last sunset on our voyage. Photo credit: Catherine Dunn-Gilbert

Captain’s log, day thirty-one of our first real retirement voyage. Although we aren’t totally retired. And except that I am not the captain.

Today we lingered a second night. We were close enough to head home, but now we are appreciating our last full day away from any semblance of our normal life. This is pretty funny since our “normal” life is living on this boat anyway.

At the beach there was a boat that is participating in the R2AK race. It’s one where people row, sail or paddle from Port Townsend to Alaska. Fastest one there wins $10,000.

Only for the brave.

Some folks were dramatically rescued by the US Coast Guard.

Participant in the R2AK race spending the night at DeCourcey Island where we were anchored. Photo credit: Catherine Dunn-Gilbert

This boat that was at the beach where we were is being rowed in the race by Lillian Kuehl. At the time I am writing this she is in 20th place, and still heading north towards Alaska.

I think about my fears and squeamishness about bad weather on our much larger and powered boat and I feel nothing but admiration for folks that make this journey under their own steam, against storms, tides and whatever else comes their way.

Our biggest challenge today was getting ashore at high tide. The logs on the beach were floating and it became an exciting feat for the feet to make it to the dinghy without falling in.

Walking on floating logs to get into the dinghy. Photo credit: Catherine Dunn-Gilbert
Log littered beach. Photo credit: Catherine Dunn-Gilbert

Home, tomorrow.



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